Levi’s Teams Up with Nintendo for a Super Mario Collaboration Line

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Nintendo, a company that is certainly no stranger to clothing collaborations has once again lent their IPs to a major fashion brand. This time, it’s none other than denim staple, Levi’s. The collaborative collection will feature a number of Nintendo characters, slogans, and designs. It’s truly an eclectic line of apparel featuring the iconic Italian plumber that isn’t overdone and is easy on the eyes.

Even though we’re exiting the Fall and Winter seasons, the line still offers some of the trademark stylings that Levi’s hosts throughout the year such as their denim jackets, hoodies, and jeans. They’re also adding shorts, overalls, tote-bags, and t-shirts which will be certainly useful in the Spring and Summer months ahead of us.

Personally, I really dig the hoodies and the t-shirt offerings that they have put together. The red that they use on the hoodie is vibrant and stands out, not to mention it’s got everyone’s favorite mustachioed plumber on it as well! The left sleeve is branded with the Nintendo logo down the length of the sleeve, which is a really cool aesthetic touch.

Levis mario hoodie

The Levi’s Super Mario collaboration line drops on April 1st and will be available on Levi’s website in Japan as well as at Levi’s stores nationwide in Japan. There unfortunately hasn’t been an announcement as to whether this collaboration is going to be heading to the States or not. But considering Nintendo’s popularity worldwide as well as the popularity of gaming-related apparel growing year by year, I don’t feel that it’s really a matter of IF it will be coming to the States, more so a matter of WHEN. Check out some more of the designs from the upcoming Levi’s Super Mario collaboration, below.

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