Life-Size Rei Ayanami and Human-Size Unit-01 Statues Announced

Neon Genesis Evangelion STATUE TOP

With the release of EVANGELION 3.0+1.0, today is essentially EVANGELION Day, and it only makes sense that there is a plethora of EVANGELION-related announcements and releases, right? Right. The newest announcement involves two statues, one of Rei Ayanami and the other of Unit-01. Seems kind of common, right? Wrong. Because these statues are absolutely huge! The Rei statue is a 1/1 scale statue and the Unit-01 statue is the same size as an ‘adult’ human. Both statues are coming from goods manufacturer F:NEX.

The Rei statue is absolutely stunning. F:NEX has captured all the small details down to the tee. The small intricacies on her plug suit and the sculpting of her hair all seem to be of the highest quality. The statue is life-size, so it comes in at the same height that Rei is in the anime at 161cm (just under 5’3″). If you’re looking to get one of the Rei statues, I hope you have enough money saved in the bank, as it will set you back ¥1,815,000 (Approx. $16,700).

The Unit-01 statue is the real king on display here, coming in at a staggering 234cm (7’6″). Now, do you see why I put ‘adult’ human in the opening? (Well, a VERY TALL human)

The statue displays Unit-01 going berserk and even features a power cord that plugs into a 100v socket to give power to the statue so it can light up in the various panels on the chest, shoulders, and mouth. This statue makes the Rei statue’s price seem like a walk in the park, as the Unit-01 statue comes in at a crippling ¥3,003,000 (Approx. $27,650 USD).

Both of the statues are available for pre-order on the F:NEX shop. It’s a great buy if you’re looking to purchase a statue rather than a car because you know, that’s what they cost. They’ll look great next to the Unit-13 statue that you bought last year, right?

Both statues will be shipping sometime in January 2022. As with all international purchases, you’re going to need a very trusted friend with this one and I’m not even going to recommend a proxy… that’s just asking for trouble.

Khara, F:NEX
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