Life-Size Rei Ayanami Figure Announced

Life-Size Rei Ayanami Figure

The EVANGELION news just keeps rolling in. I swear, this year has to be the year not only for EVANGELION as a whole, but for giant-lifesized EVANGELION-themed figures and statues.

Today, Japanese figure manufacturer Paper Moon R announced that they’re bringing a life-sized Rei Ayanami figure to market. After seeing the press photos of the giant figure, I think they should take it back to the drawing board.

Life-Size Rei Ayanami Figure

The giant Rei Ayanami figure is what you would expect it to be from the title: a life-size version of the blue-haired protagonist from the EVANGELION series. But considering just how popular Rei is, you would think that they would have paid more attention to detail and do her a solid by at least giving her some sort of lifelike feeling.

Her face is lifeless, and frankly, kind of scary. Not to mention, she is thicc, however, that might just be the lighting hitting the plugsuit… I can’t really tell. For the price of a small car, I think you’d be better off spending the ¥1,980,000 (Approx. $18,500 USD) elsewhere.

Rei Figure 3

I might be a little too critical on this, but hey, I gotta speak my mind, right? The good thing about the life-sized Rei figure though is that it is fully posable, with movable joints that allow you to move her arms, legs, and head, so there is at least that going for you.

If you’re an EVANGELION fan who really loves collecting things that are super expensive (and have an extra $18,000) you can order the life-size figure at this link. The company states that it will take 2-3 months to ship after orders are completed.

Paper Moon R, Khara
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