EVASTORE Announces Limited Edition Chronograph Watches

EVA-O1 from Neon Genesis Evangelion

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, just because the upcoming EVANGELION 3.0+1.0 movie has been delayed, that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy some really awesome EVANGELION merch. I’m a sucker for this stuff just as much as the next person, and the announcement that EVASTORE dropped today is right up my alley. I am a madman when it comes to watches and timepieces. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t spend thousands of dollars on a watch, but I do appreciate the workmanship that goes into making them, and the various designs that are available. That also goes for the announcement that EVASTORE will be carrying limited edition EVANGELION Chronograph watches.

EVASTORE announced that they will be launching three limited-edition Chronograph watches that come in the designs of Unit-01, Unit-02, and a NERV variation. Each watch will be based on the MIYOTA 0S10 timepiece and comes with a very luxurious metal finish. The Unit-01 model uses the purple tones of Unit-01 as a base, with greens on the second hand and tachymeter. Unit-02 uses red and orange as a base, where the NERV model uses black as a base and even has a black metal band.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Chronograph Watch

The three watches are now available for pre-order. If you live internationally, you can purchase them directly through the EVASTORE with Buyee.jp. Check the watches and all the other products out at EVASTORE’s Buyee.jp online store.

Each Evangelion Chronograph watch will run ¥22,000 and will be shipping at the end of May 2021. Even if you’re not the biggest watch fan in the world, any type of EVA merch is good. You can never really have too much EVA stuff.

EVASTORE, Studio Khara
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