Aniplex Announces Lingerie Figure of Michiru Hyodo From Saekano Series

Saekano Figure TOP

Aniplex‘s official goods website, Aniplex+, has announced a rather stunning lingerie-clad figure of Michiru Hyodo from the Saekano series. Recently, Aniplex has been putting out really awesome quality figures of their IPs and this one is no different, as the details on it are absolutely exquisite.

The figure of Michiru Hyodo has her sitting casually on a chair in a rather revealing lingerie piece. To say that the figure is absolutely adorable is an understatement. It uses a translucent type of plastic that’s allowing you to see through the back of the gown that she’s wearing, and also on the front where you can see through to the front of the chair that she’s sitting on. This is the last product in the lingerie figure project, and Alter has sculpted it based on a newly drawn illustration by Misaki Kurehito.

Saekano Figure Art

If you’re looking to get the Michiru Hyodo lingerie figure for yourself, you can do so through the Aniplex+ website. However, you are going to need to have a friend or a proxy get the figure on your behalf. The figure is currently available for preorders until 25 July 2021 for ¥16,280 (Approx. $155 USD).

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