LiSA Launches Debut Collection From Self-Produced ‘Street Punk’ Fashion Brand ROY reflect overjoy

LiSA Launches Debut Collection From Self-Produced ‘Street Punk Style’ Fashion Brand ROY reflect overjoy

LiSA’s fame and popularity in Japan has risen exponentially over the last 18 months since she performed the theme song for the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba TV series Gurenge. The song has since become just the third song ever to surpass 1 million digital downloads in Japan, and it’s hardly any less than she deserves. In the midst of this rising popularity and the release of the Mugen Train film where she also things the theme song, LiSA has announced that she has produced and launched her own street fashion brand ROY reflect overjoy.

The concept behind the brand is to create a border less street punk style that holds a wide appeal regardless of age and gender. The ‘cute, classy rock’ style with ‘a sense of fun that comes from being an adult’ is incorporated into the design of the clothing for the brand to create a young-adult street fashion brand. You can see this come to life in the brand’s concept video and images, where gingham styles and punk imagery is blended into a sophisticated yet comfortable style.

This isn’t the first time that LiSA has put her name to fashion. Recently, the artist has worked with Japanese brand Candy Stripper as a model and for her own collaborative collection that embodies both the brand’s style and her punk fashion sensibilities. With creative control over this new collection, it’ll be interesting to see what this new brand will produce. The first collection from the brand is available to preview now on the brand’s official website, showcasing clearly how dedicated to the brand’s core concept this debut collection is.

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Gingham and rough styles are central to this collection, although there are exceptions such as with the yellow-and-orange jumper and the logo hoodie. All the same, this is a strong statement from the brand.

This first collection from LiSA’s ROY reflect overjoy brand will be released at 12pm Japan time on Thursday on the brand’s official online web store. Currently no pricing has been revealed for the collection.

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