Listen Flavor’s Take on ‘Creamy Mami’ is Equal Parts Bold and Adorable

Listen Flavor x Creamy Mami Collab Is Bold and Adorable

Honestly, Listen Flavor’s latest collaborative effort makes so much sense that we’re surprised it hasn’t happened already. The famous Harajuku brand has lent their design talents to many fan-favorite series in the past like Ranma 1/2, Urusei Yatsura, and Dangan Ronpa. Now they’re taking their brand of Harajuku kawaii and mixing it with the iconic 80s magical girl phenomenon Creamy Mami. It’s a small collection with three different shirt designs and two different bags, and all things considered, it’s pretty affordable too. Whether you want to go full pastel mahou shoujo or keep it a little more subtle, you have some options.

Listen Flavor x Creamy Mami Collab Is Bold and Adorable

Previous Listen Flavor collaboration lines in the past have occasionally seen the brand using their own illustrations and interpretations. However, this Creamy Mami collection sticks to using the original animation key art, or at least illustrations made in that style.  Two of the shirts feature Mami looking adorable plain and center. The other is an all-over print of her two cats Posi and Nega. I’m most partial to the pastel orange shirt out of the three, pictured in the article header, but they’re all good. Retailing for 5,292 yen, around 50 bucks, these aren’t the cheapest t-shirts alone, but collabs often get way more expensive than this.

Listen Flavor x Creamy Mami Collab Is Bold and Adorable

If I’m being honest, I think I’m even more enamored with these Listen Flavor x Creamy Mami bags than I am the shirts. They feature both Creamy Mami line-art as well as the cat pattern and a magical item pattern that when combined with the line art really pop. Selling for closer to 30, I find that these bags are absolutely worth the price. There have been other Creamy Mami collections in the past, and there will be more in the future, but this Listen Flavor line stands out by bringing the best out of the original art and combining it with their veteran kawaii design prowess.

The Listen Flavor x Creamy Mami collection will go on sale August 24.

Listen Flavor / Studio Pierrot
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