Houshou Marine and Himemori Luna Join Creamy Mami and Others for Online Live Event


Different generations of virtual idols will come together at the online live event KURO-OBI – VIRTUAL IDOL POWER 2021. On 27 June, Houshou Marine and Himemori Luna from hololive will be joined by VTuber Natori Sana, anime idols Creamy Mami, and Laala Manaka from PriPara. The event is presented by SPWN.

The concert will cost 3800 yen for a basic ticket. ‘Benefit’ tickets cost 9800 yen, and will include a T-shirt and postcards illustrated by Creamy Mami character designer Akemi Takada.

Theoretically, it should be possible for people outside Japan to purchase the basic ticket. But they do ask for prefecture during registration, and benefit tickets require a Japan shipping address.

Houshou Marine is the pirate star of hololive’s third generation of virtual idols. Her name has appeared in OTAQUEST several times, although not always for good reasons.

Himemori Luna is ‘the princess of sweets’ from hololive’s fourth generation. She’s a childish and pampered princess, which makes for an interesting contrast with Marine.

Natori Sana

Natori Sana isn’t part of hololive’s stable. She’s a nurse who lives in a Virtual Sana-torium. Her bio at SPWN says that her favorite PriPara episode is #80 (which Crunchyroll doesn’t have).

Laala Manaka is the protagonist of Idol Land PriPara. She’s a cheerful schoolgirl who transforms when it’s time to take the stage. Creamy Mami is the old school transforming magical girl idol. Her Showa Era series originally ran in 1983-1984.

SPWN, T-ARTS/ syn Sophia/ TV Tokyo/ IPP Production Committee; Pierrot; COVER Corp.; Sana Natori
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