‘Devilman’ and ‘Cutie Honey’ to Host High-Class Party in Ginza

‘Devilman’ and ‘Cutie Honey’ to Host High-Class Party in Ginza

Considering that the events of Devilman kick off with a mad party, perhaps it’s not too far removed for the series to be playing host to a high-class party in Ginza. To celebrate a new collaboration between Devilman and Cutie Honey with LOCMAN, a luxury Italian watchmaker company, a one-night-only party is scheduled to take place on December 22 in LOCMAN’s Ginza store.

Attendees will enjoy Devilman and Cutie Honey themed food and drink while they watch several mini live performances over the evening, which will no doubt include covers of the two series’ most iconic songs. Furthermore, a life-sized Devilman statue will be at the party, photos with which will be supervised by acclaimed photographer Mick Park, meaning that these won’t exactly be your regular selfie snaps. Of course, given that this is a Ginza party, there’s also a specified dress code of either black and red or cosplay (presumably of Devilman or Cutie Honey characters).  

And all of this is available at no charge, provided that you book beforehand via the official website. You’ll have to get in there fairly quick, however, as there are only 70 spaces available – which I’m sure the hardcore Go Nagai fans with a bit of cash to splash have already mobilized to take over.

The real point of the party, however, is less the fun things going on inside it than what you can get from it – namely, exclusive merchandise. Of course, the LOCMAN x Devilman and Cutie Honey watches will be available for purchase, but there’s also a whole slew of other exclusive goods on offer – from folding fans, to art prints. My personal favorite has to be the Cutie Honey brand Japanese-style sake, which would certainly facilitate the kind of raunchy atmosphere the series so gleefully revels in.

LOCMAN Calls on Devilman for Collaborative Watches

With all of the above being offered, and at no real cost to attendees, this party is shaping up to be a great way to send off what has been a fantastic year for Go Nagai properties. We’ve had Masaaki Yuasa excellent Netflix original series Devilman crybaby as well as Cutie Honey Universe, and I’m sure that 2019 has some great stuff in store for Nagai fans as well. Let’s just hope that this party doesn’t turn into the kind of party that kicked off the events of Devilman, for all the attendees’ sake…

Go Nagai, Dynamic Planning Co., LOCMAN Italy
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