LOFT Teams Up With Square Enix For Dragon Quest Collaboration

Dragon Quest Loft

Japanese lifestyle brand LOFT has just about anything you can imagine in their stores throughout Tokyo. From stationery to home goods if you can imagine it, there is a really strong chance that LOFT has it. They’re kinda like a Japanese IKEA, but way cooler in my opinion. Today they announced that they will be hosting a new goods collaboration event alongside Square Enix with none other than Dragon Quest. Now, this is something that kinda took me by surprise when I first saw it, but once I saw the goods that they will be selling, I was 100% on board.

Dragon Quest Loft Cup Set

LOFT’s branding color is an orangish-yellow color that veers more towards the yellow side of the spectrum, and they have announced that they are going to be putting out a number of Dragon Quest goods in their iconic branding color. They will be offering a large number of goods which are based on the iconic Slime and Slime King characters in the Dragon Quest universe. There will be designs based off of the Lemon Slime and Lemon King, exclusive limited time goods, Japanese style designed goods, and other various pick-up items. Personally, I really dig the Lemon Slime stuff so I will probably take a trip over to the Shibuya LOFT to take a look at them when they hit the streets on October 2nd.

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Where the Dragon Quest LOFT collaboration event starts on October 2nd on both the LOFT website as well as the Square Enix Online Store and the LOFT retail stores, if you’re in the Osaka Umeda area, the collaboration starts next Friday on the 25th. So all of our friends in Kansai get a one-week headstart to get all of these goodies and I would be lying if I didn’t say that made me a little bit jealous.


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