Love After World Domination Manga Gets Anime Adaptation

Love After World Domination Anime Cover

Hiroshi Noda’s romantic comedy manga series Love After World Domination will be made into an anime series. They posted a visual to Twitter on Monday morning (Pacific Time).

I’ll admit I’ve only seen some of the manga. (Thank you, Kodansha, for putting free samples online.) But if the anime is anything like the manga, this looks like it could be a good one.

Love After World Domination Manga

Essentially, you have a Super Sentai/ Gatchaman-style tokusatsu superhero squadron, Gelato 5, led by Fudo Aikawa. Gelato 5’s archnemesis is the evil secret society Gecko, which aims for world domination (what else?). Gecko’s warrior leader is Desumi Magahara. She hides her face behind a skull mask. It’s cute.

In public, it’s all the typical hero/ villain battle stuff (there’s even a Hero TV camera recording the action for the kids at home). But secretly and in private, it seems that Fudo and Desumi’s relationship is as close as Batman and Catwoman.

Obviously, there’s a lot of humor potential here; both from parodying the typical hero show, and from the romantic comedy of keeping their relationship a secret.

The series publishes in Monthly Shonen Magazine. It has had two volumes since October 2019. Noda writes the silly stuff, and Takahiro Wakamatsu illustrates it. The two previously created Isekai Shikkaku, a story about author Osamu Dazai in an isekai plot (it’s not related to Bungo Stray Dogs.) They also created The Mermaid Princess’s Guilty Meal, about a mermaid who likes seafood.

The Japanese name is Koi wa Sekai Seifuku no Ato de, which abbreviates as Koiseka. The anime series already has a website and a Twitter page.

Hiroshi Noda, Takuhiro Wakamatsu, Kodansha / Koiseka Production Committee
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