‘Love Live! Sunshine!!’ To Get an Escape Room, of all Things

Imagine that you were a manager for a highly-successful pop star or even the producer for a huge idol unit. Of course, some of the entries on your job description may include the promotion of the talent that you represent, and you’re probably looking to tie your client up with the biggest and best in the musical world. You’d want to get them slots at all of the most major music festivals. You’d want to get their music in advertising or use it in a commercial environment. You’d want to set up an aquarium-themed escape room to help the group’s members recover a stolen CD?

Of course, this is Love Live! Sunshine!!” we’re talking about here, and Aquors are far from your typical performance group.

According to the above Tweet from the franchise’s official account, a unique escape room installation will be set up at Awashima Marine Park, and aquarium in Numazu, Japan, where the events of Love Live! Sunshine!!” take place. The aquarium has hosted events for the show before, and they were successful enough to warrant a second go-around. The escape room is set to debut on March 19, 2018, and will run through June 3. That certainly gives you plenty of time to plan a trip with a stop in Numazu comfortably included.

According to the official site, there is a bit of lore at play behind the experience. The girls have received a mysterious hand-scrawled note informing them that the CD they need for a performance in Tokyo has been stolen and that if they want to retrieve the contents, then they had better get on a non-suspicious boat and head for this island full of puzzles. They need your help here!

The room will be sprinkled with a ton of lovely series touches, including a companion app that will allow you to receive instructions on getting through the room with the help of the various members of Aqours. There will also be a ton of exclusive goods available, and I sure hope that there are plenty of opportunities to get my hands on merch featuring their detective outfits.

In addition to being just whimsically-designed, the official site hosts the high-quality version of the detective artwork, so I recommend visiting it. Oh yeah, you can use it to get official information like event access and ticket prices too!

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