Lucky Kilimanjaro Merge Dance With Pop on the Lively “HOUSE”

Lucky Kilimanjaro

Not to bore you with my personal self-care strategies, but the songs dance-pop band Lucky Kilimanjaro creates serves as a hell of a mood booster. Since they released their first mini-album in 2015, the Japanese band has created a musical bounce house powered by all-together-now vocals and swift rhythms. Just give “SuperStar” a spin and see if you aren’t feeling a touch more bubbly afterward.

The band has started pushing more into the mainstream, having released a couple of singles via a major label in 2019. The first served as a great intro into the brightly lit world of Lucky Kilimanjaro, while the latest sees them expanding ever so slightly on their sound. Watch the video for “HOUSE” below.

“HOUSE” makes the intersection between Lucky Kilimanjaro’s pop and dance sides clearer than ever before, while also offering some lyrics commenting on… music itself. As the title hints at, “HOUSE” draws from house music as a foundation. The group has long taken inspiration from various strains of dance music, but they’ve never been more direct than here, where they directly take cues from the Chicago-born style. Just check the breakdown after the chorus.

It goes even further than that, as all of the words sung by the group mostly focus on the genre itself, shouting out its BPM among other things. That’s not the only thing referenced here — streaming platforms such as Spotify and Netflix also get a little attention — but coupled with how the music goes, this is a song focused on the idea and feeling of house.

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