Lupin the Third to Receive Black Jacket Special Episode

Lupin the Third Black Jacket

For anyone that knows me, it’s absolutely no secret that Lupin the Third is my absolute favorite anime series of all time, even with all of its highs and lows. From the incredible Hayao Miyazaki-directed first season to the latest Yuichiro Yano-directed fifth season, the now forty-seven-year-old anime franchise constantly outdoes itself with the aforementioned fifth season being one of the franchises all-time highest points. Now with the franchise shifting its attention away from the now-completed fifth season and towards the future, TMS Entertainment today revealed their next project.


Detailed via Lupin the Third’s official website, the posting shares that the series will be receiving its twenty-sixth television special during Winter 2019 featuring a special “Black Jacket” Lupin. For those unfamiliar with the franchise, each jacket color represents a different stage of Lupin’s life, with the anime franchise kicking off with the original “Green Jacket” Lupin, and the most recent installments utilizing a “Blue Jacket” Lupin. While the reasoning behind the new “Black Jacket” Lupin is unknown, it does create an interesting premise that’s definitely got me itching to check it out.

While Lupin the Third: Part 5 director Yuichiro Yano won’t be helming the project, with Jun Kawagoe instead taking on the first appearance of “Black Jacket” Lupin, it’ll be interesting to see just what direction he hopes to take the special. As usual, we’ll be seeing the legendary Yuji Ohno returning to handle the anime’s music, so we can already count on that being completely perfect.

Set to air in Winter 2019, I can’t wait to finally check out the twenty-sixth television special for Lupin the Third. Though it’s in Japanese, those interested in checking out further details on the upcoming special can check out Lupin the Third’s official website.

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