Lyrical School Release ‘High5’ Music Video

Five-member idol-rap unit Lyrical School have long been on my radar; not just for their unique take on the idol genre as a whole through the integration of hip-hop stylings, but also their frequent collaborations with relevant net-label affiliate producers. Most recently we were graced with their latest “High5,” as well as its accompanying music video and incredible production value brought to the table by Tokyo-based trackmaker Hercelot. Let’s take a look at that below:


Performed at Shibuya mainstay club venue and live space Sound Museum Vision, “High5” is recorded entirely from the perspective of the audience as all five members conquer the stage. Layered over the top of Hercelot’s bubbly, energetic beat, Lyrical School does what they do best as they let their lyrics flow smoothly while keeping the audience moving on their feet. It’s not like much else you’ll hear in the idol industry, and it’s that very sense of individuality that makes this group gleam so brightly.

Following a recent vacation that would have me reminiscing about a number of my old CDs back home, I was more than pleased to be treated to some of Lyrical School’s earliest releases during my digs. Those interested in checking out further information on the group should definitely head over and check out their official website.

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