m-flo Brings Black Clover Theme ‘against all gods’ To YouTube

M-Flo Brings 'against all odds' To YouTube

I think we were all pretty surprised when we first found out that seminal Japanese hip hop trio m-flo was going to be providing a theme song from a Shonen Jump anime; especially when we found out it was Black Clover. Usually when I think of a Shonen Jump openings my brain hearkens back to songs like ‘Ichirin No Hana’ by High And Mighty Color from Bleach or the classic Asian Kung-Fu Generation Naruto Joint ‘Haruka Kanata’; fast and furious J-Rock with big hooks. However, It is the year 2019. Times change and things evolve. There’s no denying that we all love m-flo over here and them bringing their sound and experience to Black Clover in the form of ‘against all gods’ is a welcome change to what I’d expect from a Jump ‘anisong’. Now, the group’s uploaded the track to YouTube so people who haven’t been watching the show can peep this winner.

‘against all gods’ isn’t the group’s only anime theme song work as of recent, but we have to give the group some extra credit for this one. I love LISA’s confident vocals backed against these soft, pristine, padded synths. The melody’s simple but something about it really hooks itself into my heart. I love that when VERBAL comes in, the song starts to ramp up but appropriately so. There’s a good groove here but also a laid back quality that really makes the track work.

We still only have the short version of ‘against all gods’ available for our listening pleasure. The song will get a full digital single release on July 31, so just a couple days away. This is just a little aside, but I love in the song description on YouTube, m-flo states ‘m-flo Loves Black Clover’. It’s a neat little throwback to the ‘m-flo Loves’ era of the group’s music which was where some of their most iconic songs came from.

The full version of against all godswill be available for streaming and purchase July 31.

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