m-flo and J. Balvin Tapped For HUMAN LOST Theme

M-Flo Tapped For Human Lost Theme

HUMAN LOST, the upcoming film adapted from the classic Osamu Dazai novel No Longer Human, is seemingly getting quite the push. It had its world premiere this weekend at Anime Expo, and Funimation has confirmed they’ll actually release the movie out in America before it reaches Japan. Animated by Polygon Pictures, a studio with a mixed bag of past works, throwing everything in on HUMAN LOST seems like a gamble. However, I’m personally willing to leave some of the studio’s previous efforts behind. It looks like they’ve given this sci-fi update of No Longer Human a lot of thought and energy. Plus, they got our pals m-flo in on the mix.

For their work on HUMAN LOST, m-flo also brought Columbian reggaeton giant J. Balvin along for the ride. The resulting track, ‘HUMAN LOST feat. J.Balvin.’ is previewed the movie’s newest trailer. Definitely a lot of slick, modern production that complements J. Balvin’s smooth voice well. You can hear bits of LiSA doing some backing vocals as well. I’m excited to hear what the full song sounds like as it’s very rare to hear a mix of Spanish and Japanese much less as the theme for an anime movie based on one of Japan’s most important novels.

I copped to this the last time I covered HUMAN LOST, but No Longer Human really is my favorite novel. It’s a fascinating work of human despair that’s haunted me since the day I read. There’s an excellent manga adaptation by Usumaru Furuya out now as well as the in-progress one by Junji Ito. Seeing work like this bring in m-flo, who I’ve loved since I was a teen, and international superstar J. Balvin really piques my interests. We’ve often focused on Japanese collaboration with American artists or European ones, but I’d definitely love to see more cross artistic efforts with the southern hemisphere.

HUMAN LOST will be released during Fall 2019.

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