m-flo Turns Up the Heat in Hawaii With DJ Performance at Kawaii☆Kon 2019

m-flo to Perfom at KawaiiCon 2019 in Hawaii

If Hawaii is the island that never gets cold, then this April is set to be an absolute scorcher. With Kawaii☆Kon just around the corner, the Hawaii-based convention has been pulling out all the stops to really get people moving, and their latest announcement is definitely a heater. Coming all the way from Japan for Kawaii☆Kon 2019, m-flo are set to take to the stage for a special ☆Taku Takahashi and VERBAL b2b set!

Taking place from April 5 – 7 at the Hawaii Convention Center, Kawaii☆Kon has long proved the island’s most popular anime and Japanese pop culture convention. This actually isn’t the first time ☆Taku has appeared at the convention either, with an appearance at Kawaii☆Kon 2017’s “butishake” event for a special solo DJ set. With that being said, a set featuring both ☆Taku and VERBAL is absolutely not something you want to miss.

We’ve got the full announcement for your reading pleasure below:

m-flo to Perfom at KawaiiCon 2019 in Hawaii

Fresh off their 20th anniversary, VERBAL and ☆Taku Takahashi are headed to the islands with a DJ set to perform as m-flo at Kawaii☆Kon!

Originally classmates of the same international school, ☆Taku and VERBAL started the group together in 1998, and shortly after, LISA joined as the main vocalist. With ☆Taku’s exceptional production ability, VERBAL’s unique bilingual flow and LISA’s expressive vocals, they struck popularity which garnered them much success in the Japanese indies scene.

m-flo debuted in 1999 with their first maxi-single “the tripod e.p.” which launched them into the top 10 on the Japanese Oricon charts. All of their subsequent singles and albums went on to be major hits. Their m-flo “Loves” series changed the music landscape in Japan by featuring collaborations with dozens of different artists.

☆Taku DJ’ed at Kawaii☆Kon 2017’s butishake, and is now returning to bring Hawaii the magic of m-flo!

Definitely not a set to be missed, Kawaii☆Kon will be taking place at the Hawaii Convention Center from April 5 – 7. For those interested in checking out further information, be sure to visit the convention’s official website.

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