m-flo and chelmico Deliver Seamless Fun with Variety to Spare on “RUN AWAYS”

m-flo loves chelmico

Earlier this week I wrote about the pending release of the latest entry of the m-flo “loves” series which sees the iconic trio teaming up with buzzworthy hip-hop duo chelmico for a track titled RUN AWAYS. Early previews which had been released throughout the week teased what we should expect for the track with clips highlighting each of the MCs individually. Today, with the track’s release on all streaming platforms, we finally hear the fruits of this collab in a seamlessly fun track that plays up on everyone’s skillful rhyming ability.

I had expressed my excitement for this collab in my previous piece regarding the announcement, but even with my anticipation, I wasn’t ready for how great the final result is. I’ve been listening to both groups since early in their careers and think it’s safe to say that anyone well versed in their libraries will know just how diverse their sounds can be. This track plays up on the diversity of both groups over the entire song, bouncing back & forth between a variety of different styles and sounds to create a complete musical experience that plays to everyone’s strengths.

RUN AWAYS opens with an intro that sounds like it was lifted straight out of the classic hip-hop playbook, but things quickly kick into high gear with a bouncy backing track layered over a perfectly complimentary breakbeat. MCs Rachel, LISA, Mamiko, and VERBAL take turns delivering verses that go from smooth delivery to speed rap at a drop of a dime, coupled with a chorus that adds a sense of urgency to the track thanks to Taku’s brilliantly executed production switch-up. Breaking up the track further, but in no way feeling out of place, are a couple of breakdowns that call back to the classic era that plays clear inspiration to the intro. The final result is a total package that merges familiar elements into something truly unique.

One of the things I’ve always loved about the way m-flo collaborates with other artists is how they never do the same thing twice with different artists. Even calling back to early collaborations like Expo Expo or Dispatch, which despite being featured on the same album couldn’t be more different in execution. Their team-up with chelmico continues this trend and should give any longtime fans a clear indication that we’re in for quite a ride as things continue. This is only the second collaboration in the new “loves” series and a high bar has already been set, I can’t wait to hear what’s next.

RUN AWAYS is available now on all major digital distribution platforms.

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