m-flo and OTAQUEST LIVE to Return to Los Angeles in 2019


After an extremely busy 2018, m-flo already seems to be gearing up for a repeat in 2019 with a ton of planned activity for the new year. While we patiently wait for more updates on their upcoming plans, we can announce that this summer m-flo will be returning to Los Angeles for yet another appearance in the United States! The legendary trio of ☆Taku TakahashiVERBAL, and LISA has a bunch of new music to bring with them this year, with several new singles released since July 2018, promising for another truly unique experience.


After our first successful event last year at Anime Expo, and an amazing event in December at the legendary OSAKA-JO HALL in Japan, we’re beyond pleased to announce that we’re already making plans for 2019. We heard the feedback from everyone who attended the first OTAQUEST LIVE event and we’re taking all of that feedback into account to provide an even better experience for fans of Japanese music in the US. We can’t give too many details on the event just yet, but we’ll be providing more updates very soon!

This is also only the first announcement for a series of planned activities throughout the year, so be sure to keep checking back for information on additional events in 2019. We can’t wait to see you all, and we’re really hoping to make new friends all over the United States!

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