m-flo Launches “Tell Me, Tell Me” Remix Contest Open to Producers Worldwide

m-flo ♡ Sik-K & eill & Taichi Mukai - tell me tell me

m-flo’s latest single “Tell Me, Tell Me” is a return to their iconic “loves” project. Longtime listeners will know that the “loves” project has always been about collaboration, and working with a diverse range of talent of all types. Continuing with that tradition, the group has opened up a remix contest for the new single which will allow producers from all around the world a chance to put their work in front of the trio, and possibly win an amazing prize in the process. The contest comes at a perfect time as well as the whole world is essentially on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and this will allow people to flex their creative muscle and connect with each other through music!

Entering the contest is simple. Grab the “Tell Me, Tell Me” single on the digital platform of your choice, it comes with the instrumental and isolated vocal track to work off of. After that, go nuts with it! Put your own spin on the track, pay homage to an artist or style you love, or try something new. The only limit is your own creativity. After you have your remix done, upload it on Soundcloud with a download for the mp3 enabled and then contact the group following the directions on the official contest page. If you tweet or post about your remix and tag @mflo_official they’ll even be giving shoutouts to participants & sharing their work, early entries will also have a chance at being played on block.fm’s TCY Radio program hosted by ☆Taku Takahashi & TJO every Friday night.

A panel of m-flo’s staff along with ☆Taku, VERBAL, and LISA themselves will be judging all contestants and issuing prizes to their favorite entries. Each member will have their own prize, giving multiple people the chance to win. If any entry really stands out to them there’s also a possibility that it can be selected for an official release in the future (as long as both parties can agree to terms). All winning entries will be aired live on a future episode of m-flo’s Mortal Portal radio program. Entries will be selected from April 9th-April 30th with the winners announced in early May.

For all of the details on everything from entering to the prizes up for grabs, check out the official contest website.

It’s a rarity for Japanese major label artists to open up remix contests to their fans like this, but nonetheless it’s always awesome when things like this happen. I personally can’t wait to hear all of the different entries, and I’ll definitely be crawling Soundcloud in the coming weeks. I especially hope that a lot of western producers get in on this because the idea of international collaboration is particularly exciting. Good luck to everyone who enters, it’s going to be awesome to hear what you all come up with!

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