M2 Announces Aleste Collection and Others on Livestream

Aleste Collection Announcement

Japanese game developer M2 has been a bit quiet since they announced a new Aleste title back in 2018, while officially announcing the name of “Aleste Branch” in 2019. After a fairly lengthy live stream yesterday, we now know why. M2 has been hard at work on a PS4 and Switch title called “Aleste Collection” as part of it’s “Shot Triggers” series. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Aleste series, it started back in 1988 on the Sega Master System and has had many iterations since. They have also been quoted as being some of the most difficult shmups released for the system.

During the live stream, M2 staff announced that Aleste Collection will include Aleste / Power Strike (Mark III, Master System), Power Strike II (Master System, previously unreleased outside of Europe), Aleste GG (Game Gear), and Aleste GG II (Game Gear). But that’s not all, they also announced a limited edition of the game which includes a special white Game Gear Micro containing the Aleste Collection as well, complete with the SEGA Big Window attachment to make the Game Gear screen easier to see.

On top of this, they also announced that Ketsui Deathtiny will be making its way stateside as well. This is something that fans of shmups have been anticipating for some time as it’s been available in Japan on PlayStation 4 since 2018.

Ketui Release

This is a clear indicator that shmup style games are not dead and the just fact that they are porting their old back catalog to current-gen systems as well as releasing one of the most popular shmups in the world to the North American market is nothing to flap your gums at. I really hope that other companies realize that there is a demand for these titles internationally regardless of how niche they may be.

The Aleste Collection will be releasing on December 24th in Japan on PS4 and Switch, but a US release has yet to be announced.

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