m7kenji Teams With Adidas for Shibuya Pop Up

A bit of refreshing news coming from Adidas recently; at the original flagship Adidas store in Tokyo, the sneaker company will be hosting the extremely talented m7kenji , whose work with pixels is consistently stunning, for a limite-edition pop up shop and exhibition. At the time of writing, we’re not sure if this collaboration will involve actual sneakers or just T-Shirts and maybe other sportswear, but either way, it’ll be a chance to pick up some unique Adidas pieces by one of our favorite artists. The pop up will run from September 15 through September 26. Not a huge window of time, unfortunately, but isn’t that the point of a pop-up shop?

m7kenji Teams With Adidas for Shibuya Pop Up

So far, m7kenji has created two original pieces of art for the collaboration. There’s the mostly black and white flyers above featuring a dense cityscape, as well as a classic GameBoy screen style take on the iconic Adidas logo we have pictured below. I’m sure the below logo will be used on some of the articles of clothing, or whatever else, that are available for purchase at the pop-up. That all said, this pop up is being held in conjunction with the Shibuya Pixel Art 2019 event. So you’ll be able to see some cool designs if you go, even if you’re not trying to make a big purchase.

m7kenji Teams With Adidas for Shibuya Pop Up

Adidas has been dipping their toes into some nerdy crossovers recently, however, I don’t really believe this m7kenji collaboration is in the same vein. It’s cool to see a huge brand like this work with a prominent but still very much indie designer whose works, unlike a KAWS or Takashi Murakami, can’t really be mass-produced in the same way. m7kenji does great work with pixels and we’re excited for this opportunity he has for more people to be exposed to his great work.

The Shibuya Pixel Art 2019/m7kenji Adidas Pop Up events launch 9/15.

m7kenji / Adidas

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