Madö King Granzört Is Getting First Plamo Kits in 32 Years

Granzort TOP

Good Smile Company announced today that they are going to be releasing three MODEROID kits based on the Madö King Granzört series, a first in thirty-two years.

Madö King Granzört 30th anniversary

Madö King Granzört is a series that was produced by Sunrise and Asatsu-DK back in 1989. It is about a boy named Daichi Haruka who takes on a journey to the moon. There he gets involved in a fight between the Takamimi, Miminaga, and evil tribes. Daichi gets in Granzort, one of the machines of the Malevolent Deity Ruling Light, to fight in the world of magic.

The three MODEROID kits will be based on the robots that are a driving part of the story. You will be able to purchase the Granzort MODEROID, the Winzert MODEROID, and the Aquabeat MODEROID, each with their own unique parts and poses.

The MODEROID kits are available to pre-order through the Good Smile Online Store, starting today through 19 May 2021. Each kit will cost ¥4,200 and they are expected to ship in September 2021. If you’re living outside of Japan, you can purchase the kits through the international Good Smile Online Shop.

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