Pachinko ‘Madoka Magica’ Offers Exclusive Happy End For Mami

For many fans of anime, it’s common knowledge that there will always be more official material than what is presented to you within the constraints of any given cour — whether that be manga, light novel, or even video game. What many don’t realize, however, is that deep within the confines of any given pachinko parlor here in Japan, you’ll often find an entire world of never-seen anime content that players are tasked with grinding through to unlock. One recent example that particularly exemplifies this is “CR Pachinko Mahou Shoujoi Madoka Magica,” a pachinko title that completely flips the story of “Madoka Magica” around, should you pull off the right combo.

Spoilers below:

It goes without saying that there’s one scene early on in the “Madoka Magica” animated series that stands out a little more than the rest. It was this very scene that would go on to shape much of the story from then onwards, and it’s this very scene that is completely altered within the pachinko spinoff game. Before we get too into that, check out the video below:

What’s totally different from the original series, just in case you didn’t manage to catch it, is that within the gameplay of this new pachinko title, Mami actually survives, rather than her untimely passing as it was originally set. Fending off Charlotte, it’s unclear just what repurcussions this would bring forward. There does exist numerous other pieces of “Madoka Magica” media in which Mami does survive, or simply doesn’t have the interaction with Charlotte at all; including the spinoff manga series “Madoka Magica: The Different Story,” as well as the third entry into the film series, “Madoka Magica: Rebellion.”

With just how recent this pachinko title is, one can only wonder just how many story-altering animated scenes there are. What makes this clip so interesting is the fact that it’s a real animated realization of just how the fight between Mami and Charlotte could have played out. So while I don’t exactly fancy myself playing the pachinko title myself, I’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on just what those who do play it discover.

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