Maeshima Soshi Makes Glitch Approachable On 707

Maeshima Soshi Makes Glitch Approachable On 707

Maeshima Soshi is a hell of a versatile producer, to say the least about him. The last two tracks by him we covered sounded nothing alike and his latest, ‘707’, doesn’t sound like either of those! ‘Nicole’ was a refreshing summer breeze of a song filled with laid back guitar samples and ‘The Terminal is a future bass ode to cyberpunk. Aside from some use of synth padding, I wouldn’t be able to tell that this song was by the same guy on first listen. Clipping from the not as in vogue glitch and IDM genres and piecing them together into something listener-friendly, Soshi continues to showcase his nuanced palette.

‘707’ sounds like Maeshima Soshi made ‘Lo-Fi Beats To Study To’ but instead of chopping up old jazz cuts, he repurposed a bunch of Aphex Twin, Autechre, and Venetian Snares material. You’ve got underlying distorted synths that never come into the forefront too heavy. There are all sorts of sonic blips whizzing back and forth, stuttering throughout the track. It’s how these sounds are all interlaced though that makes it stand out; Soshi only clips pieces of glitched-out sounds and lays them down in a slow groove with synth-lines that create clear and playful melodies.

Like many of his singles, this release comes to us via SASAKRECT who’s also put out the most recent Izumi Macra CD. Maeshima Soshi did contribute to that project, so all things considered none of what I just said is all too surprising. They’re a label to look out for if you like chilled out electronic music and lo-fi hip hop style project. With ‘707’ such a vast departure from his previous singles, which again were nothing alike either, I’m curious as to what the next full length from Soshi will sound like. Will it be too all over the place or will he package his variety in such a way that the different sounds become the selling point?

You can buy ‘707’ by Maeshima Soshi now.

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