maeshima soshi Shares Packed New Single “The Terminal”

Maeshima Soshi

Last time we checked in with maeshima soshi, the young producer was showcasing what he was capable of with other voices. His last solo number, “Nicole,” found him laying down a breezy backdrop for guest vocalist maco marets, using the singer’s voice as another instrument in an easy-breezy track full of slight mutations. He also produced a higher-energy number for the idol group Jewel showcasing his pop instincts. Following all of that, he worked with the artist 4s4ki on her latest number “Kakeru Mono,” which found him playing around with a more spacious canvas.

maeshima soshi has shown he works well with others. The latest number “The Terminal” reminds that he can create music that can stand on its own without any guests or with Soshi having to go behind the producer credit alone. Listen to the song below.

First off, let’s take a slight detour to acknowledge that making a looping animation to set the busy song against is the right way to present music in 2019, the year of our anime girl doing her homework for all eternity. This marketing trend still is pretty nascent in Japan, though it has become standard in many other parts of the world. Turns out people like having strong visuals to go along with songs, even just a loosie. So credit there.

“The Terminal” itself leans closer to the busy future-bass-indebted sounds he conjured up for the Jewel song, but then he pushes clear past that one towards near maximalism. maeshima soshi loads up on synthesizer melodies that make you want to stare at a color wheel to figure out which one best describes it, all of it on the upbeat side. The persistent beat and a few vocal samples cracking off throughout add some extra energy, though it really handles this element well enough on its own. It’s a nice pick-me-up of a track that stands all on its own and shows what else Meashima is capable of.

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