Mai Shiranui Character Trailer Released for King of Fighters XV

Mai Shiranui KOF XV

After twelve fighters, SNK on Thursday finally posted to YouTube a KOF XV character trailer for Mai Shiranui.

The kunoichi has long been one of the favorite characters in King of Fighters for a couple of reasons. Mai’s promo video features ‘the Alluring Ninja Girl’ kicking butt in a red outfit which should look very familiar to fans of the franchise:

I could be wrong, but it feels like Mai has pretty much always worn that same outfit, or at least variations thereof. (Compare that with Street Fighters Chun Li, who still wears her iconic blue qipao, but has also worn a variety of other styles.)

Since her first appearance in 1992, Mai has shown up in quite a few Fatal Fury and KOF games (plus Dead Or Alive, SNK vs. Capcom, and cameos in several other SNK games). She’s also been a popular character for cosplay and merchandise. Her appearance in the newest King of Fighters game shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Her video is also a good reminder that she’s not just another pretty face (her face is up there); her fiery moves and combos are impressive. She’s also voiced by Ami Koshimizu, the current Sailor Jupiter.

Prior to introducing Mai Shiranui, SNK shared videos for Shun’ei, Meitenkun, Benimaru, Iori, Joe Higashi, Kyo, Chizuru, Andy, Yuri, Terry, Yashiro, and King.

SNK on YouTube
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