SEGA Announces Maimai Deluxe Splash to Release This Month

Maimai Deluxe Splash Top

It seems like September is the month for rhythm games. Not only did we have the location tests for beatmania IIDX 28 BISTROVER and SOUND VOLTEX EXCEED GEAR, but we also have the release of WACCA Lily. Hot on the tails of these titles is SEGA coming in with the newest update to its Maimai series of games – Maimai Deluxe Splash. Announced yesterday, Maimai Deluxe Splash is the newest version of SEGA’s hit Maimai series which has taken Japanese game centers by storm since it’s release all the way back in 2012. You really can’t go to any game center in Japan and not see at least two Maimai machines. It’s truly something amazing.

Maimai Deluxe Splash Machines

As with previous updates to the game, we can ensure you that Maimai Deluxe Splash will bring a multitude of new songs, some quality of life changes, as well as possibly some new game modes to boot. SEGA hasn’t really announced a large amount of content about the game, heck, it didn’t even have a location test. Probably for the better, considering the time frame that it would have likely been in testing was the peak of Coronavirus throughout Japan. Where SEGA has been pretty coy about the features that will be part of Maimai Deluxe Splash, let’s take a look at the features they have announced so far.

Featured Song Perfect Challenge

Deluxe Splash Perfect Challenge

In some of the locations that appear in Splash, “challenge songs” appear as you progress through the locations! If you clear the challenge, you get the song for keeps. When a ‘Challenge Song’ appears, you won’t be able to move forward in the location until you clear the song. Furthermore, a “Perfect Challenge” will appear in the last song on the map with a ‘Challenge Song’! Perfect Challenge” is a special life-based mode. When you run out of lives, the song ends in the middle of the game. If you can finish the game, you’ll get the song! The good news is, life gets gradually replenished as you progress.

Boss Friend Battle

A new boss friend will appear when you raise your Udemae level in Friend battle. Defeat the new “Boss Omodachi” and raise your rank! SEGA teases us and says that something “MIGHT” happen if you reach the Kaiden level.

Collection Frames

Deluxe Splash Frame Edit

A new “frame” has been added to the collection that allows you to customize the entire top screen! This is something that I find really neat because the top screen is usually fairly static and being able to add your own personal flair is awesome.

Aside from these changes, they have also announced that song levels will be re-visited and will be getting a rating overhaul song list wide. They have also announced that there is now a sound effect added for break and slide as well as a sound effect when damage is taken. Furthermore, the interface has been completely overhauled with the “Splash” theme.

Maimai Deluxe Splash launches in Japanese game centers on September 17th. I’m not too heavy of a Maimai player, but I for sure will be giving this version a tryout, because I really like the Summer-ish theme that they have incorporated this time.

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