SEGA Plays With Water – maimai DELUXE Splash Impressions

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So as we previously mentioned, WACCA Lily wasn’t the only rhythm game getting a release today. The other game that got a release was SEGA’s newest version of maimai – maimai DELUXE Splash. I want to preface this impression article by being perfectly transparent and clear that I am NOT a maimai player. I am horrible at the game and only play it when I have to. But that doesn’t mean I think it’s a bad game, I just think that it’s not a game for me. But I still enjoy it. If that makes any sense. I have played EVERY iteration of maimai since it’s initial release in 2012 and I absolutely LOVE the music in the game. But enough of that, let’s take a quick dive into the newest version of maimai, maimai DELUXE Splash.

maimai machine

I arrived at the SEGA Hi-Tech Land in Shibuya for two reasons, one being WACCA Lily, and the other being maimai DELUXE Splash. Next to the WACCA Lily poster, there was the colorful and adorable maimai DELUXE SPLASH poster, so I knew that I was in the right place. I made my way to the back corner of the arcade where maimai called home and tapped my Amusement IC pass and started on my journey with maimai DELUXE Splash. I registered my name, plugged in my headphones, took my maimai passport photo and was blasted with a staggering amount of pop-up messages making me think that I clicked on a link that I wasn’t supposed to click on in the ’90’s.

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After blasting through the pop-up messages like an internet wizard, I was on to the map and partner selection screen. Me knowing hardly anything about maimai, I chose the character map that I thought looked the coolest. Because that’s what you’re supposed to do. Then I moseyed over to the song select screen where I promptly navigated to Sqlupp (Camellia’s “Sqleipd*Hiytex” Remix) and proceeded to play the game in the best fashion that I could. On advanced difficulty (hey, this game is really hard.)

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After finishing the song, I was taken to the section where I could set my frame on my passport as well as the newly implemented top screen frame, but I had not unlocked any top screen frames, so I had to let that one stay on default. But I must say, I had more fun with maimai DELUXE Splash than I had with any other previous maimai title. I don’t know why, because the gameplay is essentially the same as every other maimai title in the recent history of the series. I think it has to do something with the interface being pool and water-themed. I really like themes like that.

maimai game over screen

I’m not sure if I will play a ton of maimai DELUXE Splash, but I will certainly put some more money into it to see if something clicks in me that makes me want to play the game as much as I do beatmania IIDX. SEGA certainly has a great title on their hands with the franchise and even if I don’t spend a ton of time playing the game, I will certainly keep devouring the soundtracks from the series. The music in the game is grade A top-notch.

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