Maison book girl Calls on AI to Write Latest Song

It’s not often I’m taken aback by the sheer genius of an idol song, however, you can always leave it to a group like Maison book girl to pull me further away from that notion. If music is an art form, then it should be willing to take the same unorthodox risks that other art forms would take — and I truly feel like the essence of that very risk-factor is captured in the group’s latest single, “cotoeri.”

For producer and songwriter Kenta Sakurai, constantly experimenting with the boundaries of what the industry will allow appears at the forefront of his attention, and it’s through Maison book girl that he achieves this. In “cotoeri” he takes this a step further, utilizing the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to create the idol group’s latest single. Let’s take a dive into just how he made this happen.

With the power of AI, Kenta Sakurai fed through the lyrics of all of his previously-written songs for the group, also including ten new words too. What the AI spat out was its own take on the lyrics, sorting a random assortment of lyrics into what it considered the ideal song. While it’s not exactly the most coherent of lyrical workings, the seemingly confused presentation of words fits the idol group quite well. So no, it’s not a case of poor English-language translation in the subtitles — that’s just the output of the coteri AI

Bringing those lyrics together is the incredible vocal work of Maison book girl, giving the AI-born lyrics an extremely human edge through their presentation and attention to detail. Transforming computer-generated poetic nonsense into an entire song, “cotoeri” is absolutely something I can get behind. Set to release December 13, 2017, you’ll be able to check out even more about the inner-workings of the release via its official website.

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