Maison book girl Release Latest ‘Golden Record’ Remixes w/ Aiobahn, Miii, Ryan Hemsworth, & Seiho

Maison book girl Release Latest 'Golden Record' Remixes w/ Aiobahn, Miii, Ryan Hemsworth, & Seiho

It was in October 2018 that I first wrote about the “Golden Record” project from idol group Maison book girl, and since then things had been relatively quiet. What proved such a hard-hitting project, kickstarted with remixes from the likes of bo en, Tomggg, and Hakushi Hasegawa, was seemingly left to its own devices following its launch. Thankfully this all changed today, with Maison book girl recruiting Aiobahn, Miii, Ryan Hemsworth, and Seiho to bring their own unique stylings to the project’s second wave.

From start to finish, all four artists brought on for this instance of the “Golden Record” project do an absolutely incredible job presenting their own signature styles. Being a longtime fan of all four artists involved, it’s super exciting to see them doing what they do best, all while paying respect to Maison book girl’s original works. I’ve spent the whole time writing this article freaking out internally about just how wild Miii gets in their remix of “karma”, but I’d honestly expect nothing less from them.

While it hasn’t necessarily been disclosed, the project seemingly holds very strong ties with netlabel Maltine Records; from the choice of artists being featured all the way to the use of a cs8.biz web domain. This is by no means something I’m complaining about though, simply reaffirming that the project is in very capable hands if true. It also gives us a pretty solid idea of just who we might be seeing on the next “Golden Record” release when that day comes, leaving me hopeful that a few other favorites will get their turn at bringing new life to my favorite idol group.

With Maison book girl being the group behind my favorite album of 2018 with “Yume”, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on what they’re doing, especially with the “Golden Record” project. I can’t wait to see what comes next and am definitely excited to see what 2019 has in store for the group.

Those interested in checking out further information, be sure to visit Maison book girl’s “Golden Record” official website.

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