The Latest Maison book girl “int” Music Video is a Surreal Throwback

Maison book girl’s ‘int’ Music Video Doesn’t Feature Maison Book Girl

Usually, an idol group puts out a music video to promote, well, the group. To promote a new song, to bring prominence to a member, to raise awareness, whatever the reason for a music video’s existence it, it’ll typically fall under one of these categories. Then again, Maison book girl are far from your typical idol group. We’re big fans of the group over here at OTAQUEST, and we’ve spoken about them a lot around these parts as they’ve released countless interesting and experiments songs over the past few years. This move is perhaps one of their more unusual, however, with a 10-minute minimalistic interlude ‘int’ taking center stage for Maison book girl’s latest music video.

This 10-minute video doesn’t feature the members of the group at any point, arising from a 10-minute interlude song that appeared in their first major debut album back in 2017. The result of this video is almost ethereal, soothing in a way, with the sound-waves of each individual instrument filling and pulsing across the screen as the tune develops and the sound swells to a climax. It struck me as I watched this video that I had never listened to this song outside of the context of the album it was a part of, and it made me appreciate the song in its own respect, which despite its length was lost within an already strong album. You’re obviously going to focus on other songs when listening to this album normally, and this gives that instrumental song center stage for the first time.

Saying that this MV is still a weird, if welcome, creation. I appreciate when a group does something a little different and this would definitely constitute that. It also makes me want to revisit this album and give it a listen, and you know what? I think I just might.

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