Maison Book Girl Release New Single ‘Raincoat To Atama No Nai Tori’

Following a largely-successful tour of England, Japanese idol group Maison book girl have earlier this week released their latest single, “Raincoat To Atama No Nai Tori,” as well as its accompanying music video. Stemming from the group’s upcoming three-track “elude” single which is set to release on June 20, “Raincoat To Atama No Nai Tori”  is full of playful moments that perfectly reflect upon the group’s already exciting history of music. Let’s take a look at the music video below:


Uploaded to the group’s official YouTube channel within the past week, “Raincoat To Atama No Nai Tori” is as good as it gets within the idol genre. While many groups tend to lean a little too far into the hyper-playful aspects of their music and craft, Maison book girl has always specialized in creating a mature and elegant track that you can easily find yourself moving along with. Their latest work is no exception, and we’ve certainly had this one on repeat since we first heard it earlier this week.

With their latest single set to release in under a month, you can find further information about Maison book girl and their works via their official website.

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