Maltine Records Gets Funky With Latest Release from Sayohimebou

Maltine Gets Funky With Latest Release By Sayohimebou

Maltine Records is going full alien music with their latest release. I’ll admit, I hadn’t heard of Sayohimebou until Maltine uploaded their track ‘深圳DIVA’, or ‘Shenzhen Diva’, but as soon as I listened to it I went and bought up some of their earlier stuff. Sayohimebou has previously released on notable netlabels in the past, but those mostly included Western ones that largely put out straight up vaporwave like Business Casual and Plus100. Seeing an artist who’s mostly existed in those very particular corners of the internet make the hop to the big granddaddy of all netlabel music Maltine is a curious move. Again, after listening to ‘Shenzhen Diva’ I totally understood. Maltine is set to give the track the full ‘Maru – 175’ release in early August. Until then, you can jam this one out on Soundcloud.

I really, really love this. Sayohimebou has simultaneously crafted one of the most out-there tracks I’ve heard on the label, yet one that hearkens to a lot of their older releases. The sample-based plunderphonic wormhole jam takes equal cues from the surrealism of vaporwave and the technical chopping and sampling of Maltine’s old DJ Newtown (Tofubeats before Tofubeats) releases.

Vocals are cut and twisted until they end up as unrecognizable otherworldly garble. The kicks ground the track at a slower but steady 125 bpm, making this one more of a headphone groove than a big club banger. It’s no secret that Maltine Records isn’t quite as active as it used to be. A lot of their old staff and signature artists have made it in bigger spaces, but it’s nice to see when they still do see fit to release something under their name even this 14-year-old label is willing to support something new. In this case, it’s Sayohimebou who’s descended from the vaporwave universe into ours.

The full Maltine Release Sayohimebou release comes out sometime in August.

Additional shouts out to the cover artists for this release, Naoya Hirata.

Maltine / Naoya Hirata, Maltine / Naoya Hirata
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