Mandarake Grandchaos to move to new location in Osaka

Mandarake Grandchaos

Mandarake is one of those places that you can go get lost in for hours on end, shuffling through all of the products that they have on sale is like a collectors dream, I can’t even begin to express the amount of rare stuff that you’d come across by spending a couple of hours inside any of their shops. They have quite possibly something for anyone, from old manga to music, to figures, there really is an endless list of what they stock on any given day.

Mandarake Nakano

With locations scattered throughout Japan, visiting a Madarake store is not a difficult feat to achieve. One of their larger stores, their Mandarake Grandchaos store has been in Osaka’s Shinsaibashi area for quite some time and today they announced that come December, the Grandchaos location will be closing and moving to a new location in the heart of Kansai’s Otaku culture, Nihonbashi, in Osaka.

With Mandarake Grandchaos moving locations, it means a couple of things for visitors if you were planning on visiting. First is that with it no longer being in Shinsaibashi, you have a little bit of a ways to go if you were planning on shopping at the new PARCO going up in Shinsaibashi this November, secondly, this is a win, but you’re going to have a much larger location to indulge in with the new Nihonbashi location.

Mandarake New Store

The new Mandarake Grandchaos store will be opening on December 12th, 2020, and will be the new hub for all things Mandarake in the Kansai region as their local flagship store. As part of the big launch for the relocation and opening, they have prepared a selection of items of each genre to be featured on the opening day as part of festivities that will be surrounding the opening of the new location.



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