kors k & marasy Release Latest Collaborative Album ‘Beat Piano Music 3’ as maras k

Easily one of the most ambitious musical crossovers at the time of their formation, maras k, the collaborative efforts of renowned Bemani trackmaker kors k and ever-prolific pianist marasy, have returned with their latest “Beat Piano Music 3” album. Released on May 30 via Subcul-rise Records, the 11 track album is filled to the brim with a fluent blend of both kors k’s signature electronic sounds combined with marasy’s extensive knowledge of both classic and contemporary piano skills. Check out the album crossfade below:


Opening with the blip-filled dancefloor heater that is “2 Player,” listeners are immediately thrust into the groove that the album will be keeping them entranced with up until “2 Player Again” brings us all back to reality. It’s a high-paced album that combines the best elements of both kors k and marasy into a single package, with “Beat Piano Music 3” leaving us flawed with every new playthrough. More than fitting in the already fleshed-out catalog of releases, “Beat Piano Music 3” keeps the pace and leaves us beyond excited for what comes next.

Details on the album can be found below:

Release: maras k – Beat Piano Music 3
Price: 2,300 yen

  1. 2 Player / music marasy
  2. cat’s magic / music marasy
  3. Rainy Junction / music kors k
  4. SigSig maras k ver. / music kors k
  5. T.o.k.y.o maras k feat.Yoko Takahashi / music marasy /lyric Yoko Takahashi
  6. Dione / music marasy
  7. Piano Shogun / music kors k/marasy
  8. Goodbye Sunday / music kors k
  9. TOGETHER FOREVER / written by Matt Aitken / Mike Stock / Peter Alan Waterman
  10. GAME CLEAR / music kors k
  11. 2 Player Again (piano ver.) / music marasy

Available now both online and in-store, you can find further information on maras k’s latest album via its official website.

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