7-ELEVEN to Release Mario Themed Food Items for 35th Anniversary

7-ELEVEN Mario 35th Anniversary Logo

Everyone’s favorite plumber had his 35th anniversary back in 2020, but that isn’t stopping anyone from celebrating still. 7-ELEVEN has announced that they will be bringing six special food items to their stores, starting on 5 February 2021, in celebration of the anniversary. 7-ELEVEN is no stranger to doing collaborations with many companies, especially with Nintendo and the Super Mario Bros. We initially reported on this back in January, but the selection items that were intended to be offered has expanded.

7-Eleven Mario Nintendo collaboration

The convenience store super-giant announced that they will be bringing six new items to their stores for a limited time that will be celebrating the 35th anniversary of Super Mario. Those items are: The Mario Mixed Rolla combination sandwich containing a croquette, some egg salad, and some spaghetti. Yoshi’s Green Melon Bread; this one looks amazing as it is a nice green color with melon flavored custard and whipped cream. Then we have Bowser’s Fire Breath Super Spicy Karaage Roll, a karaage sandwich with a chili paste coating the bread’s inside, and karaage chicken. For the sweet fans, they are also bringing Princess Peach’s Dolce, a strawberry rare cheese and strawberry jelly dessert; Shine Star’s Milk Agar which is flavored with pineapple sauce; and for those of you looking to get something on the go, there is the Fire Flower Curry Bread.

7-ELEVEN has some of the best food items that you can get at any convenience store in Japan; they seem to put the most effort into their items (famichiki fans fight me). I think that regardless of what you get from the above items (save for the Mario Mixed Roll) everything should be exceptionally tasty.

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