Marvelous Announces New Arcade Rhythm Title – WACCA

Today, Marvelous announced a new arcade rhythm game titled WACCA, with location tests coming 3 weekends in Tokyo, Osaka, Okayama, and Nagoya as announced via their stream!

  • SEGA Akihabara Store 3 [10/19 – 10/21]
  • Osaka: R1 Sennichimae [10/26 – 10/28]
  • Amipara Okayama & Nagoya Leisureland Sasashima [11/02 – 11/04]

In cooperation with HARDCORE TANO * C, they describe the game as a “new experience of a rhythm game with sound and swirls”. The game is networked by AIME, but we expect it to support the Amusement-IC format as well.

Music so far confirmed by RED ALiCE, t+pazolite, Genki, yukacco, P*Light, Massive New Krew, and USAO.

Gameplay: Touch, Hold, Snap, and Slide! There is a 360° motion plus forward and backward movement!

Exact details will be announced at a later date.

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