Masayoshi Iimori and Merry Delo Blur Bass and Bars on I Don’t Care

Masayoshi Iimori and Merry Delo Blur Bass and Bars on I Don't Care

We’re always looking forward to the latest Masayoshi Iimori release. He consistently crafting dance music that’s guaranteed to thrash you into another dimension where nothing exists except you and the pulse of the beat;  Innovative bass and electronic trap music that slaps and bangs and contorts itself into all kinds of off-center sonic permutations. Recently however his output’s been a bit calmer, and he’s found himself teaming up with rappers more than once. Last September he put out a groovy little thing on Trekkie Trax with gummyboy, a delightful but (relatively for Iimori standards) chill track. This time around, he’s teaming up with the underground Merry Delo on the bombastic ‘I Don’t Care’.

As the kids say, ‘I Don’t Care’ pops ‘the heck off. One interesting thing going on in this track is that Masayoshi Iimori isn’t holding back.  The choruses on this one are classic Iimori. Having Merry Delo lay his verses over this bass heavy and hazy grooves that build into these drops that could give a listener a concussion if they weren’t being careful is a neat paradigm shift. Iimori’s definitely been interested in expanding his repertoire but a song like this is the best of both worlds; The bass wizardry the Trekkie Trax stand out is known for but recontextualized with some hip-hop flavor.

I think Masayoshi Iimori’s recent turn is reflective one the whole of the legendary cult label Trekkie Trax trying to break out of their shell. Another recent release of theirs, ‘Relax & Chill’ by ONJUICY isn’t what I’d have expected from the outlet even a couple of years ago. Variety’s the spice of life and I’d wager neither fans nor creators want to hear and make the same things over and over and over. Also bringing in fresh talent like Merry Delo allows guarentees that the label isn’t going to stagnate any time soon.

You can buy Masayoshi Iimori and Merry Delo’s ‘I Don’t Care’ here.

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