Massive Nami Statue from One Piece Joins the Log Collection Series

Nami Statue TOP

It’s not every day that you see a statue from the One Piece series: PREMIUM BANDAI has announced today that a new and stunning Nami statue will be joining their Log Collection series.

Nami One Piece Log Collection

The statue has everything that you would come to expect from a figure of Nami. It has her kneeling with her foot on top of a treasure chest filled with booty as she is caressing Blizzard, the white wolf, the former pet of Robby Rivet. The 49 centimeters tall statue is masterfully crafted and features exquisite details.

The Nami statue is currently available to pre-order through the PREMIUM BANDAI website for ¥93,500 (Approx. $900 USD) and is expected to start shipping to customers in November of this year.

Nami One Piece Log Collection

With the price of this figure being what it is, I can’t recommend using a proxy servicef, so you’re better off finding a friend that can purchase and ship it for you.

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