‘Mawashi Yomi Jump’ Just Made Manga Pilgrimages A Whole Lot Easier

Mawashi Yomi Jump

Not a day seems to go by without me being reminded of the sheer amount of Weekly Shonen Jump apps and services that are floating around out there. Just last year, we got ‘Shunkan Jump,’ the ‘JanMaga Gakuen’ project, and the English-language ‘Shonen Jump’ from VIZ Media, but even before that, Jump has always been adding new services to its roster. A brand as big as Weekly Shonen Jump needs an equally big pool of services, it seems.

In such a sea of services, it can be easy to overlook ‘Mawashi Yomi Jump,’ which launched in January of last year. This app allows users to ‘pass around’ (mawashi) and ‘read’ (yomi) volumes of manga – more specifically, it uses location services to track where and when user read a certain volume of manga, which can then be ‘left’ at a certain location to allow other users to read it.

Mawashi Yomi Jump
How the Mawashi Yomi Jump app works.

Here’s where it gets interesting. In a new update to Mawashi Yomi Jump released today, new volumes of manga have been ‘left’ at 24 different locations around the country that have appeared in a Jump manga. For example, you can now read volume 5 of Haikyu!! at Sendai City Gymnasium, as that location was used for the series’ first interhigh tournament. You can also find volume 4 of Chainsaw Man in Kyoto where Makoto appeared at the end of the Bomb Girl arc, as well as volume 10 of Jujutsu Kaisen at Shibuya Station because of the current Shibuya Incident arc, and so on.

You may or may not be familiar with the practice of ‘seichi junrei’ or ‘anime pilgrimage’ here in Japan, but it is a pretty popular hobby. This involves visiting the real-life locations of anime, manga, and games. What this latest update to the Mawashi Yomi Jump app has just done, in turn, is make this task infinitely easier: no longer will hobbyists have to play the guessing game for some of the most popular manga in the world. And while Coronavirus currently makes travel to and around Japan somewhat difficult, here’s hoping that these 24 locations provide the basis for some kick-ass trips in the future.

‘Mawashi Yomi Jump’ is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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