McDonald’s Japan Serves Us 4 New Tropical Drinks In Preparation for Hot Weather

McDonald's Japan Serves Us 4 New Tropical Drinks In Preparation for Hot Weather

The turning of the seasons always feels so exciting, with all plant life turning colors and the temperature rapidly changing. But for a foodie like me, the most thrilling part of a changing season is when all of the restaurants and food manufacturers release their new seasonal dishes and snacks. In Japan, most restaurants advertise their new seasonal menu for a few weeks before it’s actually available, building hype, making it into a whole occasion.

One particular fast food spot’s new products recently piqued my interest, one that I don’t often visit; McDonald’s and their newly available yogurt drinks. Their McCafe division has whipped up 4 varieties of cool and fresh yogurt drinks, including the Strawberry Yogurt Frappe, Strawberry Yogurt Drink, Passion Fruit Yogurt Frappe, and Passion Fruit Yogurt Drink. The frappes are yogurt-mixed with creamy goodness and topped with whipped cream, crunchy nuts, and fruit, making for a sort of filling yet satisfyingly icy drink. The Yogurt Drinks consist of classic creamy and tangy yogurt, offering that full-bodied flavor, also topped with whipped cream and fruit sauce. I think the drinks a delicious change from their usual sugar and cream filled high fructose syrup bombs. Sure, they’re still loaded with sugar and a mountain of heavy whipped cream, but we also get to enjoy the gut health benefits of that sweet, sweet lactobacillus. The drinks also look super cute, with a hearty sprinkling of multi-colored fruits and nuts, at least in the official images. I think they kind of represent a drinkable breakfast parfait.

The Yogurt Drinks are 390 yen for a medium size and 430 yen for a large size, while the frappes go for 490 yen for a medium and 590 yen for a large size. The drinks are available at any McDonald’s with a McCafe from now until the end of Summer, I’m guessing. Catch me running to school in the hot summer mornings sipping a huge yogurt breakfast. More information over on McDonald’s Japan’s official website.

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