McDonalds Announces Electrifying Pikachu Sweets Lineup


McDonald’s in Japan is one of the few chains that constantly has a special menu going on. Sometimes, those menus cross over with various anime and gaming IPs. Today, McDonald’s announced that they will be kicking off a new sweets line themed after everyone’s favorite electric mouse, Pikachu.

The new line of sweets will have three different items, which are also found in more traditional flavors on the McDonald’s menu: The McShake will have a very fruity-peach flavor, the new McFlurry will be chocolate banana flavored, and the last item is a hot apple custard pie. Each of the items will come with packaging that has Pikachu front and center. There will be a total of twelve different package designs of the tasty treats.

McDonalds Pikachu

McDonald’s Japan will be kicking off this new collaboration on 11 June 2021 at locations all across Japan. If you happen to be in the country and are a fan of Pikachu or Pokémon this might be something that you want to go let your taste buds get electrified by. All treats look so tasty.

The Pokémon Company, McDonald's Japan
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