Mega Man, Rock Man, Rock, X, Whatever Your Name Is

Mega Man, Rock Man, Rock, X, Whatever Your Name Is

One of those titles which are synonymous with one’s childhood if you were a video game player as a young’un is Rockman (Mega Man for those of you in not Asia). Not only was the game the epitome of difficult, but it was also fun. Something that can’t really be said for certain titles by the same person that made Mega Man. This is directed at you Mighty No.9. 

Across its 33-year history, Mega Man has had many changes, additions, subtractions, and other positive or negative things happen to him under the sun.

Some of many people’s fondest memories of their childhood come with spending time with the blue bomber. Personally, I didn’t get into the Mega Man series of games until they hit the Super Nintendo system with Mega Man X. But since then, I have gone back and played as well as completed each game in the series, up until the EXE series of games. But even the EXE series of games hold a fond place in my heart. 

To this day, the Mega Man series has yet to have a true conclusion, developer Capcom is still actively making new Mega Man titles with the Mega Man character to this day, with Mega Man 11 being the newest entry to the franchise. The newest entry to the series Mega Man Zero / ZX Legacy Collection is a collection of the spin-off titles from the ZX titles of games that takes place after the Zero series of games.

A Mega Man For The Future

At the advent of the Super Nintendo, Capcom wanted to further push the limits with the Mega Man franchise and wanted to showcase what a more modern Mega Man title could be like with rethought graphics and control. This Mega Man was set in the future and follows a successor to Mega Man, Mega Man X. 

Mega Man X is also a creation of the original creator of Mega Man, Dr. Light who put X into suspended animation which was uncovered some 100 years later by Dr. Cain. In the Mega Man X series, X can get upgraded armor as the game progresses. The X series of games like the original Mega Man series has yet to have a true conclusion as the last title in the franchise, Mega Man X8 left on what many would call a cliffhanger in the story.

Mega Man Zero, but Really More Like A Different Mega Man X

Capcom released a spin-off series to Mega Man X with the co-star of the X series, Zero, for the Game Boy Advance. The story is very similar to other Mega Man titles and sees Zero gain further powers by getting new armor parts and assimilating powers by defeating bosses. 

The later Mega Man Zero games reward players with more powerful attacks by playing more expertly. The Mega Man Zero series is the first Mega Man in the series which had a conclusion and has its story come to an end.

Trying Something Different with The Blue Bomber

In 2001 Capcom took the Mega Man franchise in a different direction with the Mega Man Battle Network series of games to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the franchise. This iteration of the game saw the Blue Bomber’s foray in the role-playing genre of games. 

The Battle Network series of games followed a young boy by the name of Lan who can jack into the internet and use his Net Navi named MegaMan.EXE to battle internet threats and other viruses. This game also had an anime spin-off called MegaMan NT Warrior. The Battle Network series of games is the second series of games to have a definite ending, however, the story continued in the far-off future with Mega Man Star Force.

Forever Mega Man

Regardless of what point you enter the Mega Man series of games, you’re in for a treat. Each iteration of the Mega Man franchise offers something unique and different to hook a player. It could be the difficult platforming, the challenging bosses, or something like X offered where you can obtain a special weapon such as Ryu’s Hadouken from Street Fighter. Or you could just play as him in Marvel vs Capcom. 

There really is an endless amount of fun that one can have with the game. There is always something new to discover. 

Titles such as Mega Man 7, Mega Man 8, Mega Man Legends, Legacy Collection 1 or Legacy Collection 2, the TV series Mega Man Fully Charged, or even the fan game Mega Man Maker truly give a player or a fan an endless amount of entertainment. 

Once you feel that you have completed one game, you can move on to the next chronological step in the series if you can try one of the many different iterations of the game. This is what makes Mega Man so unique and what makes Mega Man so beloved by fans across the world over.

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