Nothing Captures 2020 Quite Like This Metapod Sleeping Bag Cocoon

Nothing Captures 2020 Quite Like This Metapod Sleeping Bag Cocoon

Despite valiant attempts at a redemption arc this week, 2020 on the whole has left many people with a desire to cover their eyes and ears until it’s all over. It’s been a lot, and I doubt you’ll find many people who would disagree with you on this sentiment. Perhaps this worldwide feeling of anxiety is best captured in some amazing promotional materials for a truly spectacular piece of Pokémon merchandise. Meet the Metapod cocoon sleeping bag.

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You might remember the scene from the early episodes of the Pokémon anime where Caterpie evolved into a rather cynical-looking Metapod before evolving into a beautiful Butterfree. Both our salaryman modeling it and the Metapod cocoon sleeping bag perfectly capture this cynical look, but in the context of the real world end up making him look like a man who is done with the world after another cycle of depressing news.

To use the sleeping bag, if it can be called that since it’s supported on the inside to sit up straight, you need to unzip the Metapod cocoon from the front to reveal a cushioned interior. From there, you climb into the bag and zip it up from the inside, allowing for a number of truly spectacular poses. You can stare into the void or a mirror, maybe you can fall to the floor in the fetal position if things are particularly bleak, or just stare at the ceiling and contemplate your existence.

Nothing has truly captured the national mood or my own mental state quite like this. It’s beautiful.

Unfortunately, it’s also rather expensive. The Metapod cocoon sleeping bag is being sold on the Premium Bandai store for a rather sizeable 35000yen. That’s not the only problem, either. Since going on sale at 2pm Japan time earlier today, the item has completely sold out! I would imagine the massive success of initial pre-orders will mean more stock will be made available before the scheduled delivery date, currently set for April 2021, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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