Metronomicon support rolls out with DLC, tournament, codes

The Metronomicon released on Steam Sept. 29, but the folks at Puuba Games have made sure the title is receiving continued support.

Since launch, two DLC packs have released, adding six new songs to the game:

metrodlcChiptune Challenge Pack 1
“Pretty in Pixels” by Marissa Hapeman
“Do the Double Deux” by Craig Barnes
“Flow Unlimited” by DDRKirby(ISQ)

Indie Game Challenge Pack 1
“Neo-SF Strut” by Aethernaut (from 2064: Read Only Memories)
“Whispering Willows Theme (Dance Remix)” by Steve Goldshein (from Whispering Willows)
“Credits” by Skyler McGlothlin (from Retro/Grade)

These DLC packs can be downloaded for $1.99 each. Not only does purchasing a DLC pack make a song playable in freeplay, but it also adds a challenge for it in the arena. Clearing the arena challenge unlocks a piece of equipment exclusive to the DLC.

The developer has also organized a MetronomiContest, organizing prominent streamers of the game for a single-elimination tournament. The first matchup began Tuesday, with Crumps2 narrowly edging out Ryntrussell. More matchups continue today, with information available on the competition’s official web page. Details are available on the competition page, but those who follow along with the tournament and tweet about it are in the running to win prizes from the developer.

Through the initial stream, the game’s developer announced Thursday will see the release of a Chiptune Challenge Pack 2, marking the third DLC pack for the title. on top of that, it was announced the title will receive a free update Thursday, Oct. 27, that promises to expand the game for those who have purchased it.

The Metronomicon has also had a regularly-updated wiki page posted online, that breaks down the fine details of the title. Most notably, it features a page that archives the game’s “cheat codes” that have been slowly released by the developer.

The most notable codes include typing “NOPEEBREAKS” or “GOTTAGOFAST” while on the title screen. The No Pee Breaks mode puts all 50 of the game’s base songs into a back-to-back playlist – playing through the mode without pausing is how players unlock one of the secret Steam achievements. The Gotta Go Fast mode also puts all of the songs into a playlist, but when players defeat a boss, they immediately move onto the next song – this is the game’s “speed run” mode and is the competitive mode being used in the MetronomiContest tournament.

Codes were previously in place to speed up or slow down note scrolling similar to speed mods, but a recent update has patched a note scroll slider directly into the game. Other codes are also available for players to add a little more challenge to the game.

If you missed our launch coverage of the title, you can look over Bemanistyle’s The Metronomicon review or Bemanistyle’s interview with Puuba Games’ Danny Garfield.

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