Say Goodbye to ‘Miitomo’ With Service Shutting Down in May

Just under two years ago Nintendo burst onto the smartphone scene with, what was for the first week, one of the most exciting titles on any mobile device. It was simple, yet had it’s own little charm to it — after all, this was a Nintendo title we’re talking about. But as that first week passed, a bit of that magic went with it, with most people moving on from the title to other ventures. I’m talking of course about Miitomo,  Nintendo’s first ever mobile-oriented app, which is set to shut down in just a few short months.

For Nintendo, it’s uncertain whether or not their intention was ever to keep Miitomo running as a long-term project. The social hub of sorts was run by the quirky little Mii characters that we all crafted, as we worked to ensure they were the most stylish of our social group. As time passed, however, players were lured away by the likings of other Nintendo-released titles such as Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing, both of which still command a loyal player base.

With a solid shutdown date locked in for May 9, 2018, players will find themselves unable to complete in-app purchases today, with all remaining coins set to be refunded by shutdown date. It’s unlikely that we’ll ever see the Miitomo name again, especially with the likeness of Mii’s missing from Nintendo’s latest hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch.

Note: Upon going to embed the launch trailer for the game in the article, it appears that Nintendo has removed it from their official channels.

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