Miku Expo Reveals Happi Coats, Headbands, Other Merchandise

Miku Expo Happi Coat

Miku Expo may be free and online this year, but people will probably still want to buy concert souvenirs. On Friday, the Twitter accounts for Hatsune Miku and Miku Expo revealed the official merchandise for the event.

Miku Expo wallscroll

Although nobody will attend the concert in person, you can still root for your favorite virtual idol while wearing an official Vocaloid hachimaki headband and Miku happi coat. Or wave around some glowsticks, with or without the optional bunny-eared glowstick cover.

Other items will include several T-shirt designs, long-sleeve T-shirts, hoodies, caps, glowstick bags, bottles, wallscrolls, keychains, acrylic stands, button badges, and wristbands. They will also have three muffler towel designs, featuring art by SandraGH, Ryota, and Tigera.

Some items, such as the happi coats and buttons, will come in multiple varieties for each of the six main Vocaloid singers. Most of the merch will also have the label Miku Expo 2021 Online, so you’ll know that it’s a memento of this special event. Speaking as someone who still has a ‘Mikunopolis in Los Angeles’ fan from the 2011 Anime Expo, that’s an important detail.

Miku Expo buttons

They haven’t named any prices yet. But sales will begin on 3 February and continue until 22 February. The items will be sold online at Hobby Stock.

They have not announced an exact date for the event. Earlier this month, they said that it would be in June.

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