‘Kemono Friends’ Has Been Recreated in ‘Everybody’s Golf’

Everybody’s Golf is the latest evolution of Sony‘s beloved Minna no Golf series, known until now as Hot Shots Golf in North America. In addition to finally bringing the franchise to the PlayStation 4, a whole host of updates and enhancements have made their way to the quintessential console golf game experience, including a robust character creation tool. It hasn’t taken long for throngs of internet gods in training to unleash their creativity upon the world, however.

Welcome to Youkoso Japari Greens.

@AshitaHowl has been having an absolute ball with character creation tool and has set a stunningly-true to the anime incarnation of Kemono Friends‘ Kaban-chan to wander the sun-scorched landscapes in the game’s open course mode. My favorite part was when she whipped out the golf cart for a joy ride, keeping in spirit with the anime’s knack for vehicular mishaps. All we’re missing now is the companionship of our trusty Serval cat, but perhaps a bit of coordinated online multiplayer could help solve that?

Browsing the rest of their feed has proven to be worthwhile, as a few other familiar faces have popped up.

Forget spending hours upon hours perfecting your Dark Souls or Elder Scrolls character; don’t worry achieving that super-close look in Tekken 7 — it sounds like the best place to pit our favorite characters against each other is on the links in developer Clap Hanz latest family-friendly outing. Now please excuse me as I finally pit Goku against his greatest nemesis, Cloud Strife.

Everybody’s Golf was made available on August 29 in North America.

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